A look into the Digital Child

Is the role of a parent or a teacher in the digital world changing? Psychologists and brain scientists explain that a child’s ability to hold a conversation is challenging and borderline impossible.  From what seems like what little control we have left, how can we maintain control and facilitate change.  Click here for more information

Embracing Tech Control

The way we understand technology is about to change.  As we begin 2017, we are beginning to create the ‘new’ being ‘the digital sapiens”.  Known researchers of brain science explain that exposure to technology and the massive use of new technology devices constantly change brain activity.  Is it even humanly possible to influence the direction humans are developing? How are all these brain changes affecting us as parents, managers, CEO’s and more.  Click here for more information

The Art of Attention

The unstoppable telephone beeping and internet popups have proven “mission impossible” of 2017 to attract and maintain attention.  The Art of Attention is a technique that allows us to get attention when we need it the most; job interview, promotion at work, date, business meeting etc.   For further information – Click here for more information


“Judge a book by its cover” – According to Yael, this characterizes the evolution of the human mind and the way we think.

Yael, born in Raanana, Israel, later spent parts of her life in Toronto, Canada. She has a First Degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Organizational Consulting and throughout the past two years, Yael has specialized in the field of Psychology of Technology.  Yael’s focuses her research mainly on the physiological and cognitive repercussions after long exposures to internet and smartphone use.

The content of her research is based around several bold questions; will the average attention span of a person in the near future exceed one minute, what are the effects of using the google search bar for our every question, what consequences or perhaps advantages can come from this? And lastly, which sectors of our memory are being deleted and how will this reality affect us.

Yael shares her knowledge with the audience in a very simply, everyday vocabulary in hopes to reach as many people as she can, and to shake awareness on how technology is affecting us and how to consume it in the smartest way.

Yael explains that once people are being exposed to the knowledge both theoretically and scientifically, they are more self-aware of the repercussions and how to use the technology to their advantage.  This later assists us to improve our focus and efficiency in our daily activities.

Yael also combines the ‘art of attention’ technique which is based on cognitive and physiological research.  This allows persons to grasp others attention, in a world where attention holding is nearly impossible to do.


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