The Art of Attention

How can I guarantee that the person in front of me is listening to me?

Without getting the full attention of the person in front of me, I and my message won’t be remembered

Did it ever happen to you, that while speaking to someone, you felt they are not paying attention to you at all? Did it happen recently?

If it did, there’s something to do about it! The art of attention is a method that helps to get the attention of our surrounding at the most crucial times – a job interview, business meetings, pitching ideas, dates and more.

More and more people report that they feel like they’re losing attention more than ever before. the constant beeping from our smart-phones, the notifications on our computers, are making it hard to get attention.


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The lecture “The art of attention” is about our ability to listen and be listened to in the 21 century.

In this lecture, the audience is exposed to many techniques that help achieve personal and career goals.

The techniques represented in this lecture originate in the cognitive physiology field. They are simple, easy to master and had been proven as successful time after time.

The lecture is about my ability to get the attention of my surrounding with the use of subconscious messages. In addition, it’s also about my ability to pay attention in order to achieve my goals.

The first part of the lecture is about the techniques of getting attention in a world full of distractions, especially “screen distraction”.

The second part is about my own attention and focus.

The lecture fits any group of people who want to achieve their goals and find success in their personal and work lives.

The lecture is ordered by companies, organizations, salespeople, businesses and more. The lecture is a good fit for conferences, conventions, meeting and more.

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