The Psychology of Technology

How does the use of internet and smartphones changes your brain structure?

In what manner do these changes mold your ability to make decisions?

What are the secrets of technology, and how can you control it instead of it controlling you?

The way we see technology is about to change.

We are at the beginning of a new human being – the digital Sapiens.

New research is showing that the technology exposure and the massive use of technological devices, is constantly changing brain activity.

Can you change human development? and how does all of this affect life, career, children, and more?


More Information

“The phycology of technology” is a lecture about new psychological matters that are appearing for the first time in the digital age. It reviews the fascinating changes accruing due to overexposure of information. For example – can we stay creative in a world of AI? What does the ability to “self-edit” does to you? and more.

The first part of the lecture reviews recent studies showcasing significant changes in the human brain, probably accusing from overexposure to technological devices. For example – How does the brain function with constant triggers, or how it reacts while performing multiple tasks at a time. The second part deals with giving practical methods to deal with these changes.

The value this lecture provides is a deep understanding of the influences of technology and providing the tools and methods to deal with them, that help with the quality of life.

This lecture is recommended for the ages of 15+, to families, managers, service providers, independent business, and anyone who is interested in learning and improving their lives.

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