A look at the digital child

Why do researchers believe that in a few years, children will have a problem making eye contact?

Will parents and teachers jobs change drastically in the digital age?

The human brain has been changing for centuries, and in the last few decades, we see an acceleration in the process. We consider this as a development, and it is a good thing! But in reality, the changes that are related to the digital, are bringing new challenges that we never faced before. Our children are experiencing difficulties in communicating, creativity, thinking, memory, decision making, responsibility and more.

In fact, every month there is new research showcasing fascinating data on the development of digital children.

In order to learn how to deal with these new challenges, you first need to understand the changes that are happening – how are they infecting our lives and what can be done.

The “beyond the digital” lecture will expose you to exclusive data from the phycology and neurology fields. With this knowledge, we will prioritize the most crucial tasks for patents and educational professionals.


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