Beyond The Digital - Children's Program

Why do researchers believe that in a few years, children will struggle making eye contact?

Beyond the digital is a program providing children ages 10-18 a peek into the backstage of the world of technology.

Assuming children and teens don’t have a clear image of the interest and influences technology has we created a program to provide them with the tools they need to handle themselves independently.
Discussing technology influences is just as important as discussing safe driving, alcohol consumption and more.

The program is five meetings of 45 minutes, in which the students are exposed, fitting to their age, to the influences technology has on their mind and soul. The lessons combine videos, theatrical explanations, dynamic games and more. The students will have fun while learning valuable, important and interesting information.

The program is taught by experienced guides with many years of experience with formal and informal education to kids and teens.

Yael Man Shahar created the program, based on relevant academic research from the past 5 years.

The program was created following the requests of many parents wanting to educate their children on the matter. The increasing demand rose following the exposure to the lecture of the influences technology has on our lives.


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