About Yael Man Shahar

Yael Man Shahar, a highly requested speaker began her career with a B.A in psychology and M.A in organizational development.

Born in Raanana, Yael spent a lot of years in Canada, researching different cultures and the influences of technology on our lives.

Yael has developed many techniques that are powerful for managers, business owners, salespeople and every person who desires to advance and succeed in their personal lives and careers, which isn’t easy in a world full of distractions.

"Knowing how to listen is art"


During the last few years, Yael is involved in the field of “Psychology of Technology” – relatively a new field. The field examines the psychological and neurological influences that smartphones and the internet have on our lives.

Yael’s main focus is public speaking around the world about the influences of technology and the art of attention. 

You can find Yael’s lectures in Funzing, Online lectures through Jolt in Israel & London, Private events and conferences. Click here to book a lecture. 

In every lecture, Yael takes her audience to a journey full of insights on the ways we can incorporate technology and quality living. The lectures focus on easy to understand messages through humor and a light atmosphere. They provide the tools to deal with the obstacles technology creates in order to improve our everyday lives.

Yael has invented the “blue pinecone” symbol which had become a logo. The symbol is meant to portray the ease in which we can change our lives in a significant way.

In the past two years, Yael hosts the radio program “technical support” in the “Mahut Hahaim” radio. The program is on every Monday at 11 AM with the actor Alon Noiman. “Technical Support” is a humorist show dealing with actual facts and research in the field of technology”.

Yael has launched a new project in the past year, dealing with the education of children in the digital age. The educational project is named “beyond the digital” and is designed specifically for children in 3rd grade until 12th grade.